Casting Call

Casting Call: TV Pilot

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Summary: Commute is a show about the struggles and awkwardness that emerges through carpooling. A large employer seeks to salvage their employee base through saving them money via a company-sponsored, incentivised carpooling program. Freedoms once taken for granted become distant memories.
Production Title: Commute
Production Company: Bound by Tape Productions
Project: TV Pilot
Production Location: Albuquerque, NM

Producer: Joel Fouser

Director: Mike Radigan

Genre: Comedy

Casting: Will take place on

February 22 @ La Cumbre – open from 3-5.
March 1 @ Nexus Brewery- by appointment.

Timeline: Pilot will be shot in March. Positions are volunteer/food and beverages provided.

RICHARD: (white male, age 46-52/ dress: business – outdated suits) Uber uptight, analytical, rules, tradition, punctuality, authority, Dislikes: Chaos, unpredictable outcomes, messiness, spontaneity
MICHELLE: (asian female, age 26-32/ dress: original and stylish but professional) Quirky, cool, mysterious, humble, art, music, cooking (not Asian food), festivals, guitar. Dislikes: Bigotry, Arrogance
CRAIG: (male, age 38-42/ dress: casual nice –think REI). Easy going, modern hippie, last second, Dislikes: Authority (but he wants it for himself – only for order), closed-minded folk, paperwork, rules if they conflict with his immediate need(s)
VICTORIA (female, age 25-29/ dress: pop culture). Slutty, sorority girl-ish, attention (from anyone), pop music, Style (but not her own) Dislikes: When others get attention, conversation with depth
ANTHONY (male, age 32-38/ dress: business/business casual). Clean cut, entry level professional, Victoria’s brother

Please email resumes and headshots to:
Title the subject “CASTING for (character name)”.