Formed out of the ashes of the Brock Theory in the summer of 2008, musical despots Miguel RADigan and Charles del Coghill formed RadGo in the garage of a small duplex in steamy downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico. Initially started as a side-project while drummers and bass players rotated in and out of the original line-up, RadGo soon became a permanent fixture in garages and cramped studios across the city, with Coghill filling in on drums and vocals, while Radigan handled guitar parts. The end result is a hard-hitting, unapologetic version of what can most simply be called rock n’ roll, what we like to call, “rocket-rock” or “dog rock”.

RadGo – Featured in Local iQ

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RadGo RadGo Thursday, 29 August 2013 By Mike English If you scratch around enough, you can find true rock ‘n’ roll beneath the surface of the spoon-fed drivel of popular music shoveled to the masses by the corporate mind bandits. It’s been there all along, rock ‘n’ roll has, and it even continues [...]

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