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Redefining the Creative Process.

At Bound By Tape we believe art exists in every person on this small planet. It is what ultimately unifies the human race as a species. Whether through music, painting, video, writing, entrepreneurship, movement or scribbling doodles in the margins of life, each of us possesses some degree of creative potential.

We exist to nurture that potential. At Bound By Tape we strive to bring original ideas out of the confines of the imagination and into reality. We serve as a platform for your inspirations  and ultimately as a means of execution for your projects.

What is life, if not the pursuit of dreams? At Bound By Tape it is our belief that the creative spirit defines humanity. We work directly with our clients to facilitate a step-by-step realization of the creative impulses that we so often ignore during the everyday hustle and bustle of life.
The Bound By Tape philosophy centers on the empowerment of the artist that exists within each of us.
At Bound By Tape we are committed to the realization of your artistic endeavors.

Explore your creativity.

Let’s Make Something.

Be creative.