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iamwarbird - II

Habitat – from “II” by I Am Warbird

I Am Warbird – Live


Yes! Dynamic changes and melodic interludes laced with rough n’ tumble rock n’ roll. In this day and age it doesn’t get any better than I Am Warbird. Squawking from McKinney, Texas, this two-piece experimental outfit will leave you salivating, craving more, ready to bleed for another piece.

Upon listening to the recent release “II”, available through reverbnation.com, it is hard to believe that the amount of noise generated by these soldiers of sound comes out of two, simple human beings. If it’s too much to comprehend, which it most likely will be, I Am Warbird has made several videos of their live  performances available for any visual learners out there.

Featuring former Albuquerque-native Kevin Dueer brutalizing stringed instruements alongside the lethal drumming and haunting vocals of McKinney partner-in-mayhem Matt B., “II” smacks of non-conventional rock offerings, which is a good thing. As a whole we’ve been far too overexposed to “sugar-coated mindless filth”, as Mr. Biafra once called it. I Am Warbird brings together the most primal elements of music: sex, life, and death, then rolls it all up and forces feeds you until it’s coming out your earholes. Recorded live to digital 8-track in the Living Room using two condenser microphones, “II” incorporates the unscripted spontaneity of live rock shows into the comfort of your favorite amplifier.

Self-described as “noise-rock’, any band as original as I Am Warbird should never be compared to whatever came before it, however, as even cigarettes and alcohol remind us what we’re getting into, it seems only fair to prepare thou, humblest reader, for what comes next. I Am Warbird shoots from the same hip as many of Mike Patton’s previous offerings, early Mr. Bungle in particular. There just isn’t enough of this goodness going around to drown out the sinister media monopoly, but that’s OK – I Am Warbird is out on the prowl, ready to devour Mama Sow and all the piglets suckling at her tit.

In addition to the release of “II”, I Am Warbird is known to frequently attack venues in the Lonestar state; if you’ll be anywhere near the Bone Deep Ellum in Dallas on November 18, either run for cover or paint yourself up and prepare for war!

“We try to be different…well, we are different. We try to do something unique, not the same old shit; that’s one our main things. We try and do everything ourselves – recording, tshirts, cds – we try and just do ourselves.” – Kevin Dueer, I Am Warbird.

Stay Tuned for updates on I Am Warbird.     

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